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How To Cut a Round Short Haircut Theory (숏컷. 라운드 스타일)

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The Attachment Theory: How Childhood Affects Life

The attachment theory argues that a strong emotional and physical bond to one primary caregiver in our first years of life is critical to our development. If our bonding is strong and we are securely attached, then we feel safe to explore the world. If our bond is weak, we feel insecurely attached. We are afraid to leave or explore a rather scary-looking world. Because we are not sure if we can return. Often we then don't understand our own feelings.

Dealing with Attachment Issues:
For those who feel like they can’t help themselves, or can’t find trust through their partners of family, we recommend looking for professional support through a therapy. Here three of therapies that those with such issues may want to look at:

1. Psychoanalysis. The aim of psychoanalysis therapy is to release repressed emotions and experiences, i.e., make the unconscious conscious. In order to do that, the therapist might try to bring back some childhood memories, to work at the root cause of the problem.

2. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). CBT is a psycho-social intervention that is widely used for improving mental health. Instead of trying to bring you back in time, it aims to explain to you what's going on inside your brain and how to cope with irrational feelings or fears. It’s the only form of therapy that’s widely recognized in Western countries as being effective.

3. The Hoffmann Process. This 7-8 day's guided process, designed by the American psychologist Hoffmann, brings participants back into their childhood to reconnect with their parents at the time when an attachment is formed. It's very intensive and could potentially be harmful if no proper supervision is being offered the month after.

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Sakshi Chauhan : true, but how can someone go back in time?? I mean nobody really does remember that time well.
JTSharkAttack : Disorganized gang wya
03スンドス : and there's me who's anxious ambivalant avoidant disorganized ;)
j9andphoenix : What we forget sometimes is that our parents may well have not bonded or have had their own difficult childhoods making it almost impossible if lacking insight to acknowledge how to parent and how to give unconditional love. My parents were unfortunately compromised and it had a big impact on me and my siblings - all in different ways.
Froastroast : This is why i don't want kids
zKennedy : My whole family is like that, nobody cares about each other, now that I'm almost 23's old I can remember the lack of emotion since when I was a child, out of everyone in my family, I'm probably the 'colder'. I never really cried at all, and birthdays I rarely attend. My mother never looked in my eyes and said she loved me, 'cause of that, I grow up to be this 'freak' who feels nothing, I don't blame her or anything but I wished she done more than provide me with food or a house - human contact.
Sophi Richman Fletcher : How many adoptees are here? ✋ Watching a second time trying to figure out which "anxious" I am. Detached is the word I use to describe myself.
LucyRose : Thank you for this simple but effective description on the attachment theory
Lubna Nour : Wow thanks for explaining


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Michael Taylor : this works so damn well. I cant even deal.
nada ningunos : Anime name pls?
John Tomlinson : Yes! Awesome!
Juan Miguel Salcedo : I only just found this and I have now cursed everyone I know with the knowledge that this exists.
TR4SPY : Shit just got real
[Soldierz ] : Good, but i prefer the original.
Red was not the imposter : North Korea blasting this as they invade Seoul!
Daniel Pardo : N e v e r

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